Magnetic Mattress Pads for Therapy & Chronic Pain

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Therapeutic magnets deliver results - quickly, quietly, and inexpensively. Our products may be used over and over again, by every member of your family.

Our broad line of basic biomagnetic devices provide both professional practitioner and novice with easily applied alternatives for a diverse range of concerns. We have magnetic applications for every joint and muscle, as well as Magnetic Sleep and Seating Systems.

As we enter a new era in self-managed health care, "soft" medical alternatives are preferred over drugs and surgery. Biomagnetic and electro-medical therapies are among the fastest growing "soft" modalities.

As you do your research be sure to always ask the following questions: what is the type of magnetic material, what is the gauss level, and what grade is the magnet. We offer three types of magnetic material: Neodymium (12,300 gauss), Ceramic grade 8 (3,950 gauss) and flexible (2,550 gauss). These are our gauss levels; not all companies have the same power and penetration. For example some companies have grade 5 ceramic and the gauss level might be 300.

Norso is a recognized premium brand with differentiating technology, higher powered magnets, lighter weight and size for the same magnetic output, and an exclusive lightweight breathable wrap material. All products are finished and bound and represent “made in America” quality. We offer several patented magnetic products and our wraps are designed to conform directly to the joint compared to some competitors which use the “ace” bandage wrap. The theory behind magnetic therapy is to stimulate and circulate blood flow so the neoprene supports and the constricting braces are actually defeating the purpose of magnetic therapy. The wrap is simply to hold the magnet in place and is not intended for support therefore allowing the maximum amount of blood flow. Most other companies have lower grade magnets and tight constricting wraps. All of our products are designed so the North (negative) pole of the magnet is oriented towards the body.

Our magnetic therapy products are recommended by several notable physicians, including Julian Whitaker, M.D. and Ron Lawrence, M.D., both experts in magnetic therapy.

Our therapeutic magnets may be helpful for:

Back Pain and Stiffness
Golfers and Tennis Elbow
Arthritis and Joint Pain
Foot and Arch Pain
Muscle Injuries
Accelerating Healing
Overall Chronic Fatigue

Magnetic Mattress Pads for Therapy & Chronic Pain


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